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We translate technical and scientific articles, technical documentation, technical manuals for different equipment, web pages, software.


Proofreading of technical and scientific papers from different areas: Engineering, Biosciences, Architecture, Oil and Gas, Medicine, Information Technology, among others.


Institutional videos, lectures, meetings, thesis presentation. With or without translation and subtitles.

Transcrição e Degravação

Recording and transcription of lectures, meetings, seminars, congresses, conferences.


Subtitling of different kind of videos.


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Check out the sectors to which we direct our services.


Send us a message with the description of your material and we will return with a quote as soon as possible.

  • Enviaremos um orçamento provisório. Orçamento final após verificação do material.

Since 1986, we have aimed to meet your needs: learning a foreign language, improving your conversational skills; preparing for a job interview or for an international congress; translating or proofreading your article, taking a proficiency test or preparing for it.


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