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Authorized Test Center: iTEP, TAPI, TOEFL iTP.

Translation, Proofreading, Filming

Engineering, Chemistry, Food Industry, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Naval industry, Medicine, Architecture, Energy, among others

Language teaching

A great variety of custom made courses

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Translation, Proofreading & Filming

Check here our main translation, proofreading and filming services


Translation of scientific and technical papers, documents, equipment manuals, web pages and software.


Proofreading of scientific literature from different areas: Engineering, Biosciences, Architecture, Oil and Gas, Medicine, Information Technology, among others.

Recording and Transcription

Recording and transcription of lectures, meetings, seminars, congresses, conferences.


Subtitling of different types of videos, such as lectures, thesis, meetings.


Filming of original, translated and subtitled videos for different purposes. Institutional videos, lectures, presentations, meetings.


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Certified Test Center


TAPI is a proficiency test applied to all  master or doctor course  applicant students who need to certify their knowledge of English as well as Spanish, French, or Portuguese.


TOEFL iTP assesses listening comprehension, grammar and reading comprehension in English for admission to academic programs.


iTEP is an internationally recognized English proficiency test in more than 50 countries, and now in Brazil.

Some of our Clients

Language Teaching

Great variety of regular and custom made courses.

  • Curso regular
  • Curso de escrita científica
  • Curso sob medida para: apresentação em congressos; intercâmbio; entrevista de trabalho; TOEFL, TAPI, IELTS, DUOLINGO
  • Curso regular
  • Curso sob medida para: entrevista de trabalho. intercâmbio; ONDAF; MITTELSTUFE.
  • Curso regular
  • Curso sob medida para: entrevista de trabalho; intercâmbio; DELE; TAPI.
  • Curso regular
  • Curso sob medida para: entrevista de trabalho; intercâmbio; TAPI; DELF; DALF.
  • Curso regular
  • Cursos sob meidida para: entrevista de trabalho; intercâmbio; CELPE BRAS; TAPI

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Since 1986, we have aimed to meet your needs: learning a foreign language, improving your conversational skills; preparing for a job interview or for an international congress; translating or proofreading your article, taking a proficiency test or preparing for it.


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